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We got the seat done. I still need to wire brush the inside of the tub and either clear it or paint it depending on what the patina looks like.


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Thanks guys!

It’ll have a jack shaft to run the chain next to the tub so that’ll shorten the main chain up quite a bit. It’ll also give us lots of gearing options.
We made some more progress over the weekend. The motor mounts and jack shaft mounts are in. I need to cut the jack shaft to length but that can wait. I also wirebrushed the inside of the tub and we cleared it so that it's clean to sit in.


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I keep trying to get her to but she's nervous about it. Hopefully at some point it will happen. She's to the point where she will help hold things in place for tacking which is a step forward from when we started. One step at a time!
Looking good!!!

Nice to see her involvement!!
Remember to say that when you are building projects for all your girls.

Go karts are just entry-level... :D I once knew a guy that was building a 57 T-Bird and a 57 Corvette for his kids. Of course he was richer than most of us.
We finally put a bit more time into the cart and got the steering column sorted out. I forgot to take a pic with the steering shaft and wheel on but that will come soon. I have to do a bit or machining on it to get it finished up. I also realized I had to get a quick release for the steering wheel to make it reasonable to get in and out of the kart.


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We got the steering column put together with all the flanges, bearings, etc. It came out pretty well I think. We ended up putting a quick release on for the wheel so that it's easier to get in and out of the cart. The little rack and pinion seems to be about take 360 degrees stop to stop so it should be pretty nice steering. Hopefully it isn't quite a twitchy as a lot of carts.


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Man, it's been way too long since I worked on this kart! My daughter has decided that she's not that into it I guess or at least she doesn't want to help unless there is stuff she can do herself other than helping me with fab. So far, I can't get her to learn to weld... Oh well, hopefully she comes around on that. I'll get her out in the garage again when she can help reassemble after I get the frame finish welded.

Anyway, time to get this thing done! I found out that I had the rack flipped so it was steering backwards! I got that sorted out with more trouble than I would have expected. I also got the chains on and the brake mounted up. At least it's some progress again!


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