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I've done some looking around on the internet at pictures of these things I still think it's a unibody car I could be wrong. There's not a lot of pictures of the bottom side of these. All the other Fords I've had of that era have been unibody. It's going on the truck frame I'm not spending a bunch of time building brackets to ring hang suspension that I already have mounted to a frame along with the transfer case and a transmission. I'm going to make it look the best I can with what I've got.
Well you guys were correct, that car does have a full frame I finally got some pictures of it. But to be honest with you I think that makes it a little easier to mount the center section of the car. I have a plan. We will just have to wait and see if it works when I get the car home!:)
Finally got the wagon


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Clark is home!


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I pulled the frame in the shop so I could get it measured and layed out for shortening!!


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Got the frame shortened!! Also but some spacers to lower the t case to lessen the driveline angle. Being a divorced case made that easy!! Now to build some fish plates


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probably not...

My wife doesn't get "used" to cars. She loves it on the 1st drive, or the car won't stand a chance very long term.

I bought her a car one time that I expected she would get used to, I didn't make that mistake again.

The last several cars, she has picked out. It is me that "gets used to it' if I want to drive it. I have my own ride, she doesn't like driving it either.

I learned the hard lesson of trying to replace her car before she was ready to let it go, one time. I am amazed how much disfunction she will put up with on a car she loves. I'm a pretty quick learner when it comes to the wife's cars.
The last several cars, she has picked out. It is me that "gets used to it' if I want to drive it. I have my own ride, she doesn't like driving it either.

That is the way I do it too. Avoids a lot of "problems". Jim
As for the wife not liking the car it's not a big surprise to me. I told her when it's done if she wants to drive it she can drive it if not we'll put it up for sale. I got the donor truck for free and I parted it out so I'm $1,000 ahead on the truck and then I paid 500 bucks for the car and $100 to have my buddy towed it to his house and then I paid him a couple hundred bucks to bring it to me halfway. So I'm still ahead on this project as of right now which I know will not continue. So I can get it running and driving and flip it if need be. I think it once it's done she will think it's cool but I don't think it's something she's going to want to drive. I'm probably going to want to drive it more hahaha
Movie fans love those wagons. Plan B like you said LB maybe running and driving, then flip. That short chassis could become an off road beast, maybe that cold storage Dodge. Big tires, 38s or more. A cage out back, lights on top. Fun to weigh in. 😁
The car is going on that chassis whether I keep it or sell it. You know how these old cars are everything underneath of it is wore out everything's been sitting not being used. 33s and a 17-in wheel will give it about the perfect height and balanced look for the wheel openings. It won't be too tall but it will be obviously taller than stock. I think the back bumper is bad enough I'm going to take it off and I'll build the two bumper and then I'll build some tubular steps for it. I'll probably build some sort of roof rack for it. I want to be able to keep the car in road trip it with all the kids. Right now we have the Bronco which is fun to drive but it's still big and super loud, my Chevy we can't fit all the kids in. This was my solution. I would love to build a AD body style suburban, I do have my eye on one that's actually not too far from the house so quite possibly I could flip this car and try and buy that to build

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