1936 chevy low cab build 1.5T

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I needed to move the truck… fired right up… rolled out of the garage and my wife was walking by… I said hey pretty lady want to go for a ride? she hopped in… she flipped her camera on we went around the church’s parking lot across the street… recorded me saying “I have no idea how much gas we have” as we pulled out made it like 1/2 a mile down the road and ran out… we had a blast! My wife was laughing the whole time…

Picked up some patch material for the 64… Grandpa bob (aka my grandpas old dodge said he was up for a road trip)

The irony of picking this up was I drove. 11 hours to North Dakota to pick up the truck and ended up in a subdivision… drove an hour to get this bed and it was in the middle of nowhere… seemed odd too me


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I’m not sure if that will work… getting my head wrapped back around documenting things… haven’t done a good job since this build thread which photobucket ruined for me

I agree, poopoobucket did us sorry!!

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