1937 chevy truck 3/4 ton

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the move is going good

i close on my house in tucson in a few days

i havent got a place in utah yet but im looking,

i got the truck and the mini at my buddies house, in his back yard right now

my buddy is having a 50x60 shop built in his back yard in August,
and hes going to let me work out of his shop, as long as i help him build his 64 impala

so the mini and the truck are covered up right now to keep them out of the weather

but im still buying parts for them.......the mini is getting new front suspension bushings and whatnot, im currently building a front subframe jig for the mini, i plan to put the built honda itb motor/manual trans back into the mini, the stock honda del sol d16 automatic is ok but it overheated one time and now it smokes white, i changed the headgasket and it didnt do anything, i think it has a cracked head, i didnt like that motor very much and had alot of problems with it from the get go
i dont think the automatic motor is worth finding a new head for it
so the itb motor is going back in, with a stock honda pedal box and clutch master
here in utah, its 4500-5000 feet, so i can run 91 octane fuel and be fine with the high compression of the itb motor, ie 12:1 ratio
Good luck with the new Job. It's good you didn't sell it.

i told my wife, i will never sell the mini or the truck
ive had the mini since 2009, and spent all that money building it up and shipping it from England,
i imported the mini in 2014

and the truck, its been in the family since 1950

they are going no where
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back in dec i went to the diesel brothers shop and b_tchen rides shop and got to talk to the owner and got offered a job to work for him, but i cant since im working on base, i wish i could work two jobs but i think it would be to much
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just been working on the house, truck is still on hold, we painted the garage floors and then waited about a week and everything just got moved into the garage, and been painting inside the house and slowly moving stuff out of the garage.... im trying to start working on my cars soon
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shippd the lhd mini up here also now, it needs some body panels changed out and the carb rebuilt

im thinking geo metro 3 cylinder/5 speed manual, to keep it as a cruiser.
3 cylinder makes 15-20hp more, about the same amount of torque, has efi vs carb, and 5 speed vs 4 speed manual, and the drivetrain is around 150-200lbs lighter
my neighbor across the street has a 91 3 banger geo metro, hes going to sell to me for $400..... i plan to get it running to make sure nothing is wrong with it before i start the swap

i started to build a classic mini subframe jig, to build the geo metro subframe off of
but i think it just needs to sections of the frame boxed vs being at a angle and the driveshaft holes in the frame made alittle bigger.... the geo metro automatic driveshafts are shorter and can be used for the mini swap, the minis outer cv joint has the same spline as the geo metros, so i just have to put the mini outer cv onto the automatic cv shaft, as long as i place the engine in the right spot, they will work

and then stick a efi pump into the minis fuel tank and run lines, and turn the geo metros wiring into a standalone set up

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