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Hey Gang, I'm still around. Lots going on and not much rattin'. I did manage to take the Ghia to a benefit this last weekend. Small car show, auction, and food. There was around 25 cars in the show. Somehow I managed to beat out a few shiny cars to get 1st place in the 1960-69 Car category. Even got a Trophy. I'm thinking the judges actually knew what they were looking at, for a change. It sure wasn't numbers matching and paint and body. It was a good feeling getting a little recognition for the work involved in this car, instead of getting the ole "My shiny "new" old car that I spent thousands on and had someone else put it together, is better than your rusty junk" look from some of the guys at the shows. I got a lot of questions about the different emblems I've got on the grill. I tell 'em that's the makes of the vehicles that I used to build this thing. And I'm still missing four. That's all for now. Later.


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I'm sure some were baffled...lol

I did catch the F150 badge on the side.... looks great to me... bet it's pretty darn fast too....can't weigh too much....
Hey fellow ratters. I've been out of circulation for a while. The old Ghia has been resting up. Just sitting in the garage giving the cats a place off the concrete. I took it to one show last year and managed first place in the Rat Rod category. On the 25 miles home, the right front tire decided that two hundred miles was a long life. 30 miles an hour for twenty miles in 95° temps, wasn't a happy experience. Then both the 850 amp batteries gave up. (i guess six years is a little excessive). So, it's resting until I can get myself able to make some $$ to feed it. I had hernia surgery, then a pretty serious back operation that has me laid up for a few more months. My wife died in '22 and that hasn't improved my overall outlook on things either. I'll get over this back crap and get back in the real world, sooner or later. Just a little advice to all the macho guys, like me: Use a lift, chain fall, fork lift, or get help when lifting or carrying heavy stuff. My 35+ years working oil refineries and chemical plants, gave me plenty opportunities to just pick it up and carry any and everything heavy. I'm paying for that now. It's not fun being "out of commission".
welcome back... sorry to hear about your issues.
Just read on page 1 of this thread : " So far, this project is into 2024 for completion." Looks pretty accurate to me... 😁 That rat looks way cool just sitting still. You`ll get it back on the road (y)
Oh Junker

So sorry to hear about your wife passing away...keep diggin away buddy you can do it...you have one of coolest builds on here...so glad you held onto and let the cats sleep in it too...

You created a Cathouse Ghia...which is not a bad thing...

Never communicated before but welcome back. Very sorry to hear about your wife, that has to be tough, and sorry to hear about your troubles. Keep your chin up and keep punching. You'll get back at it soon.
Thanks everybody. All is getting better here. Good weather, good friends, and still waking up each morning. Who could ask for more??

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