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Wow! Nice ride! Reminds me of kinda the same idea that I am doing with my Corvair. Making a rear engine car a front engine. Or as I like to say, "taking a car that has no go and giving it lots of go." Very cool. Nice job.
It's been a while but here's what's going on. I got the spare tire winch all installed and operational. Even made a safety hook for the rim just in case the cable decides to let go. Next up is some kind of spare mount for above the old engine compartment hood. They made racks that went there but, there's probably not many left around. I'll build something out of round stock and mount some hinges and put some hydraulic cylinders to hold it up when I need gas. Right now, I've got little blisters all over my hands from brake fluid when I bled the brakes on an older model pickup. The same thing happened a few years ago from old tranny fluid. The Doc said some particular element in the liquid had changed over time and has some kind of fungi in it and doesn't play well with my skin. I'm doing anti fungal cream right now. We may try something else next week if it doesn't get better. I'm at a standstill on everything cause the fingers are itchy and real sensitive. It even hurts a bit to type. That's all.


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Well, besides the little car show, I've been out at my Dads' place sorting thru his stuff. He passed away last week at the young age of 91. He'd been feeling a little weaker the last few weeks and was saying he was ready "to go see your mother".(she passed in 2000) He'd recently heard that his last school-hood buddy had passed away and said he'd done his job by outliving them all. (there may have been some kind of bet or something between all of them after they got older.)
So, we worked in the house for a couple of days and I ventured out to his shop and got started sorting that out. There's no other kin or heirs so I'm not having to deal with any fighting or arguing or a bunch of people "trying to help". The old man has a ton of carpentry tools, small and large. I had to get a buddy to come over and enlighten me on what some of this is. I found a few very old tools probably used by my great Grandfather. That's pretty cool knowing I might have some of the tools used to make this old dresser, that was grandpas' when he was a kid, back in the 1890s. That's all. Later.
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Sorry to hear your Dad passed away. Sounds like he lived a good long life.
I went thru the same thing last year. It's both sad and interesting to go thru their stuff and think about the old days.

Stay strong brother.
Hey Junker,
It sounds like your dad had a good run and checked out on his own terms. That is very cool. I hope I can do as well when its my turn.

Take care.
Thanks for the kind words, guys. I ran across a picture of the 38 Buick my Dad wrecked back in 42 or so. I'll find it again and post it. It's a miracle anyone survived. Him and my uncle were into swapping motors, bodies, frames, and trying to get the fastest car. I guess he was one of the pioneers of what we call rat rodding. Up into his 70s, he never turned down the chance to ride in a fast car. Then after Mother died, in 2000, he figured he was too old to get one. I'll miss the old fart. I'm going to try to get the Ghia out tomorrow for a spin. Rain is forecast for the entire week ahead. That's all.
Hey everybody, thought I'd stop by and get back to normal. I've gotten most of my Dads' stuff taken care of and have moved most of my stuff to his place. The Ghia is resting in an enclosed garage now and is staying dry for a change. I had to get a 40ft shipping container to put Pops tools and stuff in. It's full. Next spring, I'm going to have some sort of mechanics/carpenters garage sale. There's just too much stuff. I'll never use most of it and it needs to go to somebody that will.
I've only driven the Ghia a few times lately. I've got to change out a regular fuel line for a ethanol compatible line. The needles on the carb keep getting trash in them and thats the only thing that can cause it. One piece of hose between the filter and the carb. No big deal.
One last note, I did manage to go back to work. Having to drive 30 miles each way but, it's a job.
I'm going to start reading some build posts and see what going on. Later.
It's taken another month to get back here. I got laid off the job after about 10 weeks. I think it's something to do with gray hair they don't like. They won't actually say that but, when I look around, I'm at least 10 years older than the rest of the workforce. Oh well, all I got to make is two more years.
Anyways, I got a new shifter for Christmas and got it put in the Ghia. Fairly easy installation. I did have to turn it around backwards, to make the cable mechanism work and I like it. This thing works great. No more 1-3 or 1-N shifts. I guess it's time to start stress testing the rest of the drivetrain.
I'm looking around for a straight axle of some kind and a 9" rear. It'll have to be on the barter system but that's usually easy to do around here. That's all. Later.


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Hey, I made it back again. I had to go off on one of those job things again. The Ghia's been resting quite a bit the last few months. It's getting summertime now and if the rain ever co-operates, I can get it back to going places. There's a couple of weekly get togethers up toward Houston, I'd like to get to this year. No rat rod meets, just normal street type cars and trucks. I'll have to go line 'em out. Later.
One more time.

Hey guys and gals. It's been over a year since I've checked in. The Ghia is doing great. I'm getting it out every week or so and running around.
I've gone to working in the local auto parts store and really enjoy not being out in the refineries anymore. I'm making about a third of the money but, we'll make it. I figured 61 is getting a little old to try keeping up with 22 year old boilermakers.
I picked up a straight axle, out of a Commanche Jeep, to put under the Ghia. I'm really surprised the stock VW front suspension has help up. With about an inch of travel, it doesn't give me the best ride on these good south Texas roads. Maybe if I can get the right springs figured out for this Jeep axle, it'll give me a decent ride. I drove it to Houston a while back and I was beat up by these roads. Put my bald head into the roof a few times.
But, it's good to see some familiar names are still here. I'll be off in the suspension section soon. Got some questions about a mod or two on the straight axle. Thanks.

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