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Thanks everyone. It sure feels good - a bit nerve racking but it's good. I'm still debugging things, but it's starting better, and running a little better. I've not having much luck getting these carbs setup just right - seems that as soon as I connect the vacuum line on the secondaries, they open slightly and the rpm shoots up to 3k or so. I'll mess around and get things right yet.

It was too muggy to be working any more today, so we lined them up for a quick photo op. My uncle had his '29 out today, so we took these :)


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Thanks Old Iron - as I research more, I see that the pots are venturi vacuum operated. I'm confused by my pots though, as they have a port on the top - which is what I connected to the base of the carb, and that's what sent my RPM high. I can't find any information on what I have, and where they should be connected. Do you know?


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Old Iron must be busy with something, so I'll stick my fat nose in...

You don't provide or draw vacuum from the vacuum pots. (Like Old Iron said, they source their vacuum "internally" through the body of the carb.)

The barbs on your pots should be connected to each other. They're meant to equalize the vacuum signal between the two pots, so the secondaries will synchronize and act in unison...




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Thanks Doc! My stupid mistake.....they were hooked up that way and I figured that was wrong....put it back and it's better. I do have an issue with the accelerator pump on the back carb - I think that's my primary problem right now. I'll rebuild and update!
[cl Right on with the help [cl
I took my beautiful bride out for an over due dinner tonight and was late to the party. The good doctor took the reins which I'm grateful for :cool:
Holley forever [ddd
Congrats on getting it rolling [cl I just love the body style of your Graham, seeing it next to a Model A really shows how different it is, plus you have the satisfaction of knowing you're not going to see another one coming down the road toward you!:D
Thanks guys - I rebuilt the carbs, and it's running great now. I'm still sorting out some bugs, but it's getting closer by the day. I've driven it in and out the lane several times now, and with the constant tweaking it's getting more and more "well behaved"! (the lane is 1/4 mile, so I can get on it!)
Hopefully the ice cream run is in the near future :)
Not much to report...

Well, I've been laid up for a month and a half or so, so not much new with the's running good, but I haven't been able to drive it yet, other than out the laneway and back.....half a mile at a time. Probably will be next year before I can see any pavement at this rate. I guess I'll spend the winter finishing off the interior and a couple of other loose ends. I'm also restoring a 51 Farmall Cub, and making plans to start on the Thriftmaster in the next little while. Here's another "dramatic shot".


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