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Having some time to make sure you finish the rest of the "little" stuff might be a blessing in disguise. You'll be able to rip it up in style next Spring. :D

Thanks're right, being forced into finishing the little things is not necessarily a bad thing.

I was a little bored this morning, so I mounted this single driving light down on the frame rail. I like the look of the single, off center light and it will offset the plate. The most amazing part of the install is that it's a Lucas, and it even works! least until the first rain, or when I wash the car......


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Interior work

Well, here's my interior....not quite a Ridler contender, but it's good enough for the girls I know :)


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I'd forgot about this build, found it again and reread the whole thing. Very nice work your doing there, I like the exhaust. That's the way I'm planning on doing mine. I hate to see them angling down and short. Hope your feeling better, spring is around the corner I hope.
Thanks everyone

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It'll do. I'm just trying to wrap this thing up so I can move it to the storage garage and get started on the Thriftmaster.
I installed the 1960's GPS on the passenger side of the dash too ;)


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Finally got the Graham out for a bit of a shakedown this afternoon. I found I had to tighten the new steering box a bit, and it wanted to get hot. I don't have a fan shroud on it so I guess that's a project for a rainy day this week. To be continued.....
So I figured I'd better make up and install a fan shroud. I have almost 3 inches between the rad and the fan, so I doubted that the fan was pulling anything through the rad. Low and behold, I pull the rad off and find a bunch of crap inside the upper rad tank. My guess is that it was mouse nest that I didn't notice when I was putting the car together last year. Due to my medical problems I wasn't able to drive it enough to get much heat in it last year, so it's likely been like that since assembly. I fiddled around with some of my left over copper today, hopefully I'll finish it up tomorrow. The weather has been crap all day, so it didn't bother me to stay inside and play with this. I hope I'm not premature in posting....I still need to solder the circular piece on!


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Thanks guys. I still have to flange and solder the two pieces together, hopefully I don't mess it up too bad!
Skip, I've allowed for 3/4" all around the fan. I hope that's enough! My motor mounts are urethane bushings, so there's not a lot of motor movement....although it does look like there is some when I watch the air cleaners move. They are a long way above the centerline of the motor though.
I like your GPS module, Bill. [cl

I've followed your build from the beginning. Your frame is stiff as can be and I can't imagine your motor deflecting 3/4" on poly mounts... neither can I imagine your radiator and shroud (mounted to the same stiff chassis) will affect fan to shroud clearance.

BTW: Your copper shroud is the cat's... meow. ;)

hey Bill, that copper shroud looks way cool I love it. However, I would consider flanging one of the parts before soldering and maybe even put in a rivet or two... If over time, due vibrations the parts seperate .... :eek:

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