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Nov 16, 2010
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Okay, forgive me if there is already a thread on this but a recent post by "Durty Forty" prompted me to start this thread. I know a lot of our cars don't have much of an interior but a lot of folks have come up with some pretty cool stuff, so post up pics of your dashes and interiors and show us what you think is cool :cool:

I know it's probably over done but I plan to do something similar to this in my Willys......


.....but mine will be done with a twist :rolleyes:

So post up those pics.........I just might change my mind when I see what you've done :D
Here's the interior of a 50 Ford I built serveral years ago. I found the orange fur funiture cover at goodwill, 3 bucks. Always thought the fur interior in Bo Hopkins 51 Mercury in American Graffiti was so Kool!!!..:D

cheap seats

hey this is the seat i came up with its a old glider with the center cut out the arm rests over lapped and welded added some steel here and there it has a nice sit to it and ill have a arm rest when the left arm goes numb from hangin out the window lol,,,,,and holy s@#t the license plate interior is way cooler than what i got started i had like 30 plates off of cars from the dealer i work at and started pinning them to the floor and console wasnt sure i was gonna like it but after seeing that pic how can you not lol,,,ive got little sheet metal and being a cheap a$$ i wanted to save it for the body patches so i figured old license plates and paint it all black ive also got street signs hear and there well heres the pics should i paint it all black or flipp em and polish it or just let the reflective colors jump ?


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leave the reflective side out and just the way they are. [cl

are ya gonna cover the seats in foam and fabric so they are a little more comfy to sit in :confused:

Later :cool:
actually ive thought about taking my old carharts my wife has been telling me to throwout and cutting them into like pillows and putting snaps on them to hold in place they are stained ripped and burnt in spots it should match the rest of the car well lol and christmas is coming so maybe ill get a new set [cl
Here is mine made from part of a bug hood.


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timbo the dash is like art,,and im diggin the ammo box ive got one but havent placed it yet and i gotta do the dash yet maybe ill criuse the junk yard for a hood this weekend
fresh pics just went out and took em

just went and took more this is how i left it monday night


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Before I found my way down the rusty beater path !!!! Here's a shot of my long gone 61 Chevys interior. What a pain in the a%* it was to keep it clean !!!! JUST SAY NO to these kind of rides !!!


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Ya Timbo kinda thinkn about that ammo box in sort of that same location maybe to house my fuse box. You could mount the fuse box on the door. Just route the wires with some slack so the door would have a enough room to swing open and get to your fuses real easy. Not sure if I would have to run a ground wire from the fuse box to the main part of the ammo box. I do like your idea,cool !!!! Hey that dash is way cool,hell of a lot of work !!!!
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still workin on mine, but here is the beginning.


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OH MY GOD! I had to giggle at the fold-up chair... Some of this stuff is preaty creative. Im scared to tear into my 56, the seats are gonna get covered and I will probably redo the door panels somehow. Any suggestions would help. The dash is pristine. I was thinking about getting some fake cheeta fur to cover the dashpad.


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