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I guess my interior qualifies as "Green"... I didn't mean for it to be that way, it just kinda happened.
First, for the floor mats, I wanted something tough, industrial, and easy to yank out and clean when needed. I stumbled upon a place called iron company <> that makes rubber diamond plate from recycled tires...perfect... durable, industrial looking, and comes in different thicknesses, I chose the 1/8 thickness for ease of laying it in, and cutting it to fit...
Then, as I was looking at the inside of the doors, I knew that since henry Ford never used window seals and the water is supposed to just run through the doors and out the drain holes in the bottom, and I live in a place that rains on average 75-100 inches a year, using wood-based stuff, like Masonite, wasn't gonna cut it. So, off to Home Depot I went. I found, for 22 bucks a sheet, 4'x8' sheets of 100% recycled PVC, use in shower enclosure has a texture similar to a basket ball on it, and with 2 sheets, a new blade for my jigsaw, and some template paper and plastic paint, I made the door and quarter panels.


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Hey 26 Tudor, good looking interior. I am using that floor material in the COE I'm building. And the PVC material is great for door panels, headliners, etc. It can be heated with a heat gun and molded into a headliner. Pretty easy. Your interior looks clean and neat.[cl[cl

This is the seat in my Gremlin, covered it myself about 8 years it's starting to show its age. It's black vinyl and cookie monster hide.

The rest of the interior is stock.

This is my 47 dodge. It has been decaying for about 60 years now. Have you ever heard the term, "Rotting from the inside out"?
Thought I would throw in some pics of my various interiors. Pretty much all stock though... First one is my '65 F100. There's tape everywhere because it gets cold here and I was tired of drafts. Second is a crappy picture of the '63 Rambler with an unmounted bench seat. Third is my '73 XJ6, with the coolest, cockpit-like interior. Fourth is my current project, the '49 Coronet. Missing half the floor and with supports welded in. And lastly, a friend's '50 F1. Truck has a Supercharged 327, with countless mods.


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Replace that folding chair with a rocker and you can avoid whiplash!
'46 Ford (Po' Zest)
Had to try it... I think I like it!!

Stole the idea and covered the headliner of the 52 dodge with license plates... Thoughts??

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Here's a couple I've built. Very simple, low budget stuff.


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And a car I just finished at work. It's a 55 T bird that was a left over parts car we decided to put together.


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