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Shortened an old driveshaft I had laying around with the correct size yokes. I'll run it like this and see if it needs balanced.?!
It's been a month since I worked on anything and posted. May was a crazy busy month for us this year.
We went glamping and fishing for a week up in Chama, NM. Then a week later we went to Barcelona, France and Italy for 2 weeks.
Now I need to work on the truck to get some rest! 😁 Probably our last trip to Europe. That 24 hours of traveling is getting more than I want to deal with anyone.


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OK! I'm home now.
Major thunder, hail, rail, wind storm on Wednesday here. Lost a bunch of plants, nothing major to the house but the skylights in the shop now have ventilation.
Nothing harmed on the shop just a some wet things. Now I have to deal with insurance and a contractor. I'll never get back to work on the truck.
Still tinkering on little things. It's does drive. I pulled it out side and around the drive.
Having problems with the shifter. It doesn't have a long enough throw to get it in reverse. Which is the last gear on a HydraMatic. I need a cable with a 4" throw. The one I have is 3". I need to find a 4" throw push pull Control cable.
Can you shorten the lever on the trans or lengthen the lever on the shifter?
I was already thinking what Bob said when I read Bob's thoughts.
By the way, Dang fine looking truck.
I looked at drilling another hole to shown the lever or increase the throw and it just won't be enough.
I can modified the shifter to get another inch of throw but I'll need a 60" push pull Control cable with 4" of throw. I found some that might work with some mods.
Thanks MercuryMac!

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