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I've had the wagon in the shop for 8 mths now & it got pretty dusty, so I drove it out today & washed it off in my front yard... sweeeeet! Runs like a top! Can't wait to buff it out!

Well, the hood goes back on tomorrow! Got the motor running properly, had a couple of small vacuum leaks but luckily it was just the lil plug thingies that block off the unused vac ports on the carb. Still have to let the motor get to operating temp to check the tranny level. Mufflers next!

Decided not to drive the wagon 15 miles to the muffler shop so I'm gonna work on my trailer & tow it in! It's been too damn hot to do anything outside here but not all that bad in the mornings so that's when I'll do it! Can't wait to get the mufflers on! [cl

I kinda got burned out on the Rambler & now it's so dang hot I haven't felt like going in the shop either but I'm so close I've been doing a lil here & a lil there in the mornings.

Haven't used my trailer in a few years & the wood deck is rotting so I dragged it over to the shop & pulled all the rotten wood off & will be replacing it shortly. Also have to rewire but am in the mood to get the Rambler into town to get the mufflers on!

We've broken the record for 100+ days & it was 105 today, totally sux!!!



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So it's starting to cool off here so I worked on re-wiring my trailer so I can tow the wagon to get mufflers put on! Also looked at Lowes at the wood & should pick it up tomorrow or Friday! Been a long time coming!

On another note: Mrs Tripper & I are going to see Willis Allen Ramsey Friday night at a local 'listening room', really small intimate venue that seats 80 people max & of course this one is sold out... can't wait!

Finally got the trailer wired up but had to do a lil extra because Mrs Tripper's goats love to chew wires to shreds, you can see the biggest culprit at the front of the trailer checking my work out! Only got 4 boards for now because I'm trying to get the wagon to town asap to get the mufflers on, car show season's approaching fast! Then I'll fill in the rest at my leisure... haha!



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Got 2 8" boards on each side of my trailer to drag the Ramber into town next week to get the exhaust/muffers put on. It still gets pretty hot here in the afternoons but is moderately cool in the mornings. Have 3 of my fav shows coming up in the next 30-45 daze so I'm pretty fired up!

Had dinner with my buddy last week & he said they have a new old style under the dash A/C/heater that's really cheap now so that'll be next. The wife wants it so you know it'll happen! I did use the excuse that it'll be "her" car after all... haha!

On another note... I'll be hitting the 3/4 century mark in early Oct... DAMN!!!


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