My '64 Rambler wagon build!

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Driveshaft's in place & fixing to go out to the shop right now to install the gauges, radiator in next! [;)



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Moving along nicely.
The previous post was supposed to say (proverbial) not peruviol :p:D:rolleyes:

You're really going to like this one.[cl

I think you're on to something......a long-roof revolution.
Love this car Bob, well done!

Thanks guys! Mrs Tripper has been wanting a station wagon for years & she's finally getting her wish! Got the wiring finished, hooked the battery up & the starter turns the engine over. Gonna finish a couple lil things tomorrow, fill the tranny up & see if the beast will come to life!



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I didn't make it to Round Up with the wagon & the last straw was my cobbled radiator hoses so I spent yesterday morning giving it another go. Think I have a winner but will see when I put some water back in! The guy before me had the pinion angle really off so I ordered some shims to get it back in line! Although I didn't make it to the big show... I made some serious progress!

Since I'm putting in some pinion angle shims I figured I might as well replace the leaky front pinion seal while I'm at it! The fun never ends! [ddd:eek:

Installed some shims on my rear end... that was a bunch of fun! :eek:

The paint on my wagon is in such good shape I thought it surely was a respray but it appears to be the original paint & I found a matching pint of acrylic for some small touch up! Can't wait to try it on some places to see how close it is!

Was it always a Texas car?
If so, it must have been taken pretty good care of for it to be original paint in the Tejas sun.
FINALLY! I have been having a hard time with my cooling system, couldn't stop it from leaking! I bought an alum short water pump that was not machined properly & was thin at the bottom... although I put all kinds of water proof putty & JB weld everywhere, it would not stop leaking & the guy that welded the tabs on my radiator did a poor job on one weld. I finally pulled everything apart, replaced the alum pump with a cast iron one & JB welded the radiator up! Finally success!!! All I have left now is hook the shifter cable up, add some gas & hope to have it running this weekend! Hope to hit the muffler shop early next week & buff the paint out! There's one of my fav local cars shows coming up Saturday June 10 & looks like I'll make that! Never had so much trouble!


Was it always a Texas car?
If so, it must have been taken pretty good care of for it to be original paint in the Tejas sun.

It was definitely kept inside!

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