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Small setback! While mowing I accidentally ran over a small piece of tree limb on my riding mower & suffered a rotator cuff injury getting it out! I have bad ankles & a bad knee & I thought that pain was bad but *nothing* compairs to this! Really bad 24 hrs but by keeping my arm close to my chest & icing it down it's finally calmed down! Like they say... git'n old ain't for sissies!!!

I know the pain! I've got arthritis in my right shoulder, really in both but the right is worse, and when it hits, I can't do anything with that arm. Ibuprofen and a heating pad are your best friends! This getting old sux because parts are wearing out and it's hard to find replacements!:eek:
Feeling much better & was out in the shop today but careful with my right arm! Don't seem worse for wear but back to icing anyway! I've got to keep getting stuff done or it will just drag out & I was hoping to get done by April Fool's Day... haha!

Back in the shop & slicing & dicing my throttle pedal mechanism. I wanted to move it over 4" & up 1" so that's done. I'll cut the throttle cable to length today then on to the next item! It's like working on a jigsaw puzzle & the pieces are really starting to come together!

Did this today when I was bored! Also thinking about these hubcaps but I won't be using red rims!!



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Where’s your STP sticker? [S Gotta have a STP sticker to be cool![ddd[ddd[ddd

You're right!!! I better hunt some down!

Nice job on the valve covers.
I like the hub caps the only thing better would be Rambler dog dish.


Making the Rambler righteous.[cl


Like it all, good work [cl
The red rims will match the valve covers:p

Although I'm not ready yet... I stopped by the muffler shop today!


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