My '64 Rambler wagon build!

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And so it begins!!! [cl



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The weather's been nice & it was awesome working in the shop today. I'll finish the front up tomorrow & make my way back! Also got the new ripple hub caps & dreamed about driving the car again last night!



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OK, this is getting weird :confused:
I just seen another set of ripple caps on a build Bad Chad is doing :eek:


Got the front end, engine & rear end wired! Have the interior sorted out & should have most of it done this weekend minus the gauges which I'll finish up early next week!

3 weeks until Lonestar Round Up where I'll be meeting up with Gastrick's son who'll be driving his dad's beautiful Hemi powered '32 Ford coupe from Florida!

Got my fingers crossed you with the Rumbler make it to the show. Say "Hello" to Gastrick's son for me. I'm assuming he is the boy who had severe medical issues when he was young.
His Dad was a generous and talented guy.
I struck gold! I was cleaning out the glove compartment & found the ash tray & it had $1.21 in coins in it! Haha! [ddd

Going to Houston tomorrow to get my driveshaft built! My buddy's friend owns a driveshaft shop & builds the driveshaft while we're at lunch. A group of five of us went to high school together & have lunch every couple of months & its a tradition to have lunch when the guy is building someone's driveshaft!

Nice to have friends like that.

It definitely is!

Worked on finishing up the wiring today... only gauges & turn signals left! Will install driveshaft tomorrow & hopefully get it started up this weekend. Only thing really left after that is the exhaust! Lonestar Round Up is 9 days away... only something unforeseen will keep me from making it!


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