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Might not look much different, but I've been working the last couple weeks doing body filler and sanding - a veritable bondo dust storm. Today was nice so I got to spray another primer coat on all the worked parts, doing a lot of them outside. Next comes a lot of spot filling and a ton of block sanding, followed by at least one, likely two more rounds of priming and blocking before it's good enough to shoot color.



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Thanks OI. Quality is what I say it is - ha! Or to be more realistic, when I've run out of patience for nit picking and just want to get 'er done....

That would be me too, but I run out of patience way before you do. From the time I start spreading filler until I'm ready to paint has about a 2 month window before I'm ready to get er done. Looking good from 20' away while its rolling down the road works for me.
Been sanding, filling and block sanding for a couple weeks, yesterday got the primer/sealer coat on, one more round of block sanding to do then color goes on in a couple days.. my fingers are really getting worn down, I'll be glad to get this behind me.



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Do you leave the parts out over night or do you do them early enough that they are semi-cured and then bring them in?
You can't be finger printed.

All those thankless hours prepping will pay off, as you know.

Always enjoyable to watch what you do ZZ. Thank you for always bringing us along for the ride.

Your fingers will come back, and the paint work is great[cl

Do you leave the parts out over night or do you do them early enough that they are semi-cured and then bring them in?

Thanks guys, yep, the skin is the first to go...
OI, funny you should ask - between the threatening rain clouds and little flies (aphids) painting outside was a bit of a crapshoot. Flies sand off but it started to sprinkle when halfway thru the outside painting :eek:
I rushed some parts inside, blew them dry and the sun came out - jeez, put them back out, finished the job and went for a walk to mellow out. When I got back, I hung them all inside and it immediately dumped rain! Pure luck of the draw... I normally just keep stuff outside until it flashes dry then move them inside. Mother Nature is fickle when it comes to the plans of mice and men. Just too crowded in my shop/cave to do it all inside at once....

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