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Ok, I just ran onto this sweet build and it looks killer but what happened to just painting the frame and leaving the patina on the body? Just messing with you, I know all about that. I was leaving my 57 4 dr body like it came and now I'm going 2 dr and fixing some rust. I have a hard time listening to myself and my wife.
Got the grille rechromed in Mexico while I'm just a few miles away from Algodones, they did a great job at half what it would cost in Canada, reassembling it took some patience but I've got plenty of time right now....

Time to get something done here, got some sound deadner/heat barrier sheets and slapped it on everywhere....


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Beautiful! You’ve done some sharp rides in the past, but I’ve got to say, I think this is your best yet! Looking forward to seeing it on your “ picture road” through the fields.
Did you use the 80 or 120 mil
I had been using the gutter seal from Lowe's but, switched to the 50 mil Kilmat this time and love it.
Made up all the interior panels to be upholstered from 1/8" ABS, more expensive than thin wood panels but doesn't crack or shatter when installing clips, etc., won't absorb water or rot. Bunch of smaller pieces go above the doors and front window, door tops.


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