Bamamav's 1947 Lincoln Club Coupe build

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Is that interior all still good? The seats, at least, look nice.

Yep ,the seats and door panels are excellent. They were redone at some point. The headliner is cloth and thin and showing some age, so I may try some spray on dye on it to use it for a while. I may try pressure washing the carpet when I take it out, but I figure I'll end up just buying new.
A little progress to report this week. Got my wheel adapters in for the front, put them and my other tires on yesterday. It sits a bit too high in the front, needs to drop about 2". Went and pulled a 8" rear out of a 67 Fairlane today. Cleaned it up, painted it, then realized I need to change the spring perches. :( Quit for the day, get to it next week maybe.

When I get the rear end mounted I will be able to tell more about it. The trailer is not level anyway, so I can't really see the true look of it. I may just need a taller front tire to fill the fender better, those 215/60/15's are pretty short anyway.
Thought I'd post a couple of moving vids of a Canadian Rodder Member's chopped '47 Lincoln.
Also you'll find some still photos on those links of his Linc.
Are you going to chop yours ?
Quite a challenge if you do.
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Hey, that's David Brown's Linc! We've been talking over on the HAMB. No way I'll ever get into chopping mine like that, too much work!:D Mine will be mostly stock outside, with a few doo dads shaved off.
I saw this one this weekend. They changed headlights, taillights, and bumpers...and painted the grill body color. I thought it was an improvement over stock.

This weeks update

Spent over half the day yesterday welding. I hate having to redo other people's screw ups! Had to make a plate to reinforce one of the crossmembers where it had been cut in two. Touched up the welds on the spring hangers for the rear, not pretty but strong. May grind them down and touch them up again, then again I may just leave them rough to keep up the home built theme this car seems to have. Also made a gusset to go in between the rear spring hanger, it looked weak to me before, now it's not going anywhere.

See, I can run a bead sometimes! :D
I got the rear end in position, then realized the spring pads were going to interfere with the new pads, so I had to cut the old ones off. Got it sitting on the new pads, went to put in the U bolts so I could set the pinion angle, then found out the U bolts were too small.:( I forgot that the Mustang II four lug rear axle tubes necked down on the outside end, thus the U bolts were smaller. Just happened to have a set of V8 Maverick U bolts that I had saved that will fit the Fairlane axle. Started to put those on, then figured out the Maverick bottom plate won't work with my axle pads, so I'm going to have to enlarge the holes in the Mustang bottom plate for the wider U bolts. Gave it up for the day, get back on it this week sometime....
Bam, looks like you're a little too aggressive with the angle of the pinion and in the wrong direction [ddd [ddd

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Yeah, i took that pic after the jack on the pinion fell out.:( Had it sitting just right, moved it just a small amount to get the side spacing right, and bam, out went the jack. It was at that point I quit for the day!
She's back on her own wheels again!

I got home early yesterday, so after a check of the boards, I went to work. Got the rear saddles welded on, lower plates notched, and rear bolted down. From the way it sits now, I don't even think I'll have to lower the front after all.

One thing has popped up though, and I'm not sure what to do about it. The front tire is 3/4" too far to one side. I don't know if it will re center after it moves a bit, or if something is pulling it off center.
This side sits inside the fender, the other sits flush with it.

Here's the business end. Plenty of tire clearance! Those are 255/60/15"s.


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