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cc, the seats came from a 93 Volvo 760 wagon. That was a sweet car until my Dad broadsided a big sign. Seats are leather, 6 way adjust with memory and heaters. Very nice for long trips. I just couldn't see letting them go to the scrap. There's a bunch of things I should've gotten off that Volvo. But, the Ghia wasn't even in the planning stages then.
I got to messing around trying to find a way to mount the outside mirrors. The original spot, on the front fenders, is no longer available. So, somehow, these old hinges jumped out at me and said,"use me." I did. I was going to just tack them in the right position but, normally, that would be wrong and I'd have to do a re-do. Just using a long stud and nuts, I can adjust the tilt after they're mounted on the door. It ought to work. If not, I'll try something else. And I got a wild hair and made some free space, in my little shop. These manuals haven't been off the shelf in at least ten years so, I loaded them up and gave 'em to an ex-cousin. He's still young and just stating out and maybe he will use something. Most books are 80s U.S. cars and trucks. I kept the 50s, 60s, and early 70s books. Just couldn't bear to let them go. That's all this time.


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Exactly!! A few years ago, I had the opportunity to change the timing belt on a DOHC V-6 Mazda something. I used a Chilton manual for setting the timing marks and thought, "that wasn't too bad". Put it all back together and guess what? No run. Took it back apart, checked the marks, and all was good. Checked another, newer Chiltons and it was the same. Just for grins, I called the "local" Mazda dealer and spoke with the service manager. First thing he asked was if I was using Chiltons. Seems they have the habit of never checking their source for stuff like timing marks or torque specs. The info in the book was from before that particular engine even went into production. The guy told me how the marks aligned and after setting that way, it ran good. After that, I never trusted another item in Chilton. Motors, Cloyes, and the other I can't recall right now, haven't ever done me wrong like that. Later.
I took a few while the sun was out yesterday, eman.


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Holy Moly, Junker39, that beast looks way better than it has any right to. :eek:
Thanks for the big picture shots. :D It looks right.

I still have engine envy!
Put in a new dome light. A little more light than the original.:D And dug this old electric seat frame out of the junk pile. I'm going to see about building some sort of mechanism to lower and raise a spare tire from under the rear of the the car. That's all for now.


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Another small problem. I went to back out of the parts place Saturday and the front wheels went all kaliwompus. The left hand inner tie rod bent and broke for some unknown reason. No binding in the king pin and I didn't hit anything. I did find out that the broke tie rod, that came on the rebuilt rack, is not hardened. The new one is. That may have played a part in the bending and breaking. Anyhow, I had to drive the rat back to the house with no tie rod on the left side. I found out a long time ago that if you drive forward, two tie rods are not necessary. One is enough. Just don't try to back up. The wheel without will not let you. Not really the safest way to travel but, it was only eight blocks and a lot cheaper than a wrecker. But, I got a new inner rod and need to run some threads to make it fit. And the other side is getting replaced before it screws up. That's all.


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Hey man, it's good you weren't flying down the freeway when it happened. Do you think there is a problem in the design of the front suspensio?
Thanks guys. I don't think there's a design problem if it was being used as designed. Neither the VW suspension nor the Escort rack and pinion setup was made for anything near the weight of the 429s' 750 lbs.,the C-6s' 150+lbs, plus the heavy frame. I've been on the lookout for a straight axle or something else that's simple. Just finding the right width is the hard part. I need to get the front end off the ground anyway. Later.
I had to re-do one of the rack and pinion brackets. The engineer didn't design it while thinking about the weight involved. It oughta hold now. I got bored and made up a winch to let the spare tire down. One more bracket underneath and it'll be ready to try. All I need is a spare. :D


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