My '64 Rambler wagon build!

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Tomorrow is finally the big day... wrapped up all the little stuff & filled the radiator & trans up today! Gonna try to start it up in the morning! Fingers & toes crossed!!! [cl
I'm listening...

Tripper, I hope you're not like me and never allot enough time for any projects. We're rootin' for ya.

.....Lordy i hope you don't take a tumble!..:D

Love your wagon! Good luck with it!!


Thanks guys, it fought me every step of the way but I'm pretty stubborn! :D[ddd:eek:


Mrs T will love it :D

She's already droolin' & wants to drive it!
After I got her running, I took a couple days off! Now just hooking up shifter cable, aligning the front end after dropping it, putting the interior back together & then mufflers! I'm ready to rumble!!! [cl:D[ddd

You know how it goes... some of the things you think are gonna just take 15 mins or so drag on & on! Finishing up the shifter I lost one of the smallest e-clips I have ever seen. It controls the shift indicator pointer so I had to go into town to find a replacement, luckily NAPA had one! Onward through the fog!!! :eek:

Finally!!! I finally drove it today but only down my long driveway! I'm here by myself today so I'll wait until Mrs Tripper gets home to take it out on the road & get a good vid! Yippee!!! [cl[cl[cl

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