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May 22, 2007
67 rambler 220 gonna set it on a s10 frame. we cut 16" from frame it was a extened cab and was 122" wheel base now it is 106" to match the car. plan on at least a 6 point cage. this will be a street car. trying to decide what motor. i have a warmed up 350 with 4 speed or a 454 with th400. i'll get pics of the frame later today. this will go slow at times but i hope to keep it steady. still trying to decide on stance but do not plan on cutting the quarters. the body is pretty good but the underside is shot. i have a 69 america for a parts car. yes i should have pressure washed the car but it is what it is.


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ok leaning to the small block and 4 speed, that way i can buy my headers instead of building them. got a shot of the frame and will be cleaning it up for paint later this week. i even have the special gas cap that fits the body which you can't find. was gonna try the gasser style but having second thoughts about cutting the rear quarters. if i decide to do something like that then i can use the 69 parts body, it has a lot more rust.

no matter which way i turn it it post up side down


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a few pics i saved. why these came out right and not the frame i don't know. i'll probably end up more like the brown one maybe a little lower.


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haven't made much progress as we are trying to get one of his projects out of the way. i did do some stripping, there's not much to this car to begin with so i don't expect it to weight much when done. maybe more by the next weekend. playing heck with the pics but i will get it figured out.


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try this again. seems no mater which way i turn it it doen't post right. i guess i'll find a picture host.


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It's a cell phone that does it. Transfer the pictures to a Windows pc, rotate them in Photoviewer and you can then upload them. :)
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will try that, still learning. i have to resize all my pics for everything else so i figured i would here too. this is the only site i have a problem getting them right side up, so this is the only site i use a host on.

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