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Wow! Major surgery. This is going to be a fun build to follow.[cl

Why if I had a nickel for every broken Sawzall blade...:cool:
wow! what a great use for an old rambler. my brother has an s/c rambler he is almost done restoring and just picked up a 67 rambler convertible that has been sitting in a shop since the 80s. I will love showing him your car! [cl[cl[cl
she's a roller now, i got to build a steering column, floor pans. it's starting to look like a car again. no more work on it till after this weekend, but monday i start the motor work to get it fired up. getting closer to body work which i hate but it will be a shinny car when done.
made a little progress. we both been real busy and my buddy ended up with a couple blood clots in his leg, i'd rather have my buddy around then to push on the cars. roll bar and mechanical then the floor and body.


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just a small update. we decided to move the motor forward, while we had it out we found it had water in it. tore it down and found it had been rebuilt sometime before my late dad got it. should be back from the shop today or tomorrow. had it vatted and new cam bearings. so I got to start ordering parts now. i'm also getting rid of the peanut port heads and replacing with oval ports. gonna add a small cam to wake it up a bit. will be getting the roll bar tubing next week so I got that to do as well. things are moving slow around here, things are getting hard to find. read where a man was trying to get a cam from comp cams for a caddy, but was told they were having a hard time getting blanks for any motor at the moment. guess who's cam I was planning to run.

I hope everybody has a merry Christmas.

@joedoh I would love to see a pic of your brother's scrambler.
Hang in there.
I have a friend that’s been trying to get a home appliance for about 3 months now.
Merry Christmas to you as well.
hey everybody. life has been fun, i guess that is the best way to say it. we are super busy at work, i have gotten active in my masonic work as well. been grabbing parts here and there. turns out the motor has forged pistons, still low compression but will be fine for the street. got a summit racing cam went with the small one the 1301, got a twisted torker tm2-o intake saturday for 150.00. picked up a set of 781 casting oval port heads, completely rebuilt ready to bolt on for 500.00. the torker wasn't what i needed but i'll put a divider in it. got a nice stall converter i have had stashed for a few years, so things are starting to come together. should start on motor one evening this week. got to decide what i want to do on the rear end, it is a leaf spring setup now but am thinking ladder bars. also got to setup a rear end like a 9" ford or one of my old 8 1/2" 10 bolt gm read ends. can't wait to get started on the body work, very soon i hope. just thought i would give a small update, pics will start up soon as well.
doc if what you are calling cal trac are the old style traction bars i have been thinking along the same lines. got some nice slapper bars but they are not what i need with a big block.
finally got some shop time, starting to look like a motor again.


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