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been trying to help my grandson on his projects and trying to handle thing around the house, been super busy at work and at lodge. i haven't said nothing about this, but i had been having some problems. heart fluttering, chest pain and in general just not feeling good. day before yesterday i spent 4 hours on the table, got shocked and then a ablation to get me out of afib. yesterday evening when i got home i hurt from the shock not sure how many times they hit me but even my gums hurt. i'm already starting to feel better but i still have to rest. i'm looking forward to getting back to work on my toy. never thought something like this but i guess it can hit anybody. this whole month is nothing but doctors and i'll be glad when it is over.
Heal fast, buddy. We are fortunate now days that medical science has all these methods to keep us ticking.
Hope they can get you sorted, that sounds scary! My dad had a couple bouts of irregular heartbeat when in the hospital for his heart attack 2 years back. They put a defibrillator in his chest (just below his collar bone on the left side). It hasn't gone off once. It's an insurance policy at this point.
thanks fellas, wife won't let me do anything, so i play at the computer then watch the boob tube. do got some paper work for the lodge i can do on the computer. we had a brother pass and file the tax form.
Oh boy 26...

Totally stinks for sure with the health issues...hope you can get everything straightened around health wise and get back on that Rambler...

I remember as a kid back in the 1970s a red white and blue one running around...it was a 4 speed V8 that ran really well...

the other was red white and blue and ran at the local dirt track...lots of dings and dents...I think it had a 258 straight 6 in it...

Thanks for saving it...in my neck...these things are none existent....brings back some long ago memories...

Lay low and heal up Odie. This time of year itā€™s good to be able to stay inside anyway, hot one day, cold the next. Better weather come spring. Hope to see ya sometime then.
been awhile since i did a update, been dealing with some health issues but mostly on the right track heart wise. they do want to go in and look at back of my heart that they think i had a minor heart attack, another doctor wants to do a cataract surgery. the worst thing now is ny knee that i have been nursing for the last 10 years is done, this is something i never wanted to do but now i have no choice. my car being on the other side of the county and my buddy and i having different working hours has made it hard to get anything done. i decided to try and get it home and just use plastic or a tarp to cover it while i wire and run fuel and brake lines. i'll need to rebuild the frontend as well. i did finish my steering column, but if i knew what i know now i would have just built a frame instead of using the s10 frame. anyway hoping to make some progress.


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Seems like most of us have health issues we are dealing with. You are not alone.

Glad you are still able to make progress on your project. Good to see a post from you.
Seems like most of us have health issues we are dealing with. You are not alone.

Glad you are still able to make progress on your project. Good to see a post from you.

What he said!!! I know the feeling... my knees are bad, especially my right knee! Knee pain *really* sucks!

Glad to see you're still kikkin' Roadster!!!

Last pic I took at my buddy's shop. The scoop I plan on using, I know it is a Mopar scoop but the amc scoops just don't do it for me. I have it at home in the yard covered with a tarp waiting on me to build the firewall and floor pan. The wheels are not going to be the ones but I picked them up for $200.00 with like new tires just couldn't pass on them. Can't hardly wait to get started on it again. Just got to get past this infection. Never seen a 6 spoke 5 lug wheel before.


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